Tragic terror in Norway!

Yesterday, around 3 o`clock a bomb exploded nearby the primministers ofice in Oslo, Norway. A little while later, a political youth camp organised by the primministers party was attacked by a young, ethnic norwegian man dressed as a policeman. The man shot around him and killed an extreme amount of teenagers. The police beleave that the norwegian man stands behind both of the attacks. Until now, 84 tennagers are confirmed dead. The bomb explosion in Oslo killed 7 people and there is  a large possibility that more dead bodies will be discovered on both the crime-scenes. Norway is in shock.

I am now in France and it hurts me much that I cant be in my beloved country now. A friend of mine nearly got shot by the attacker yesterday and the possibility that one or more of the deceased are known to me is quite high. If my sister and her boyfriend would have been at home they would also possibly have gotten wounded…

Please pray for the surviving teenagers, this experience may be traumatizing and many of them may be haunted by it for a long time. Please pray for the families and friends of the deceased as well, god knows they need it right now!


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I`m a sixteen year old girl who loves exploring fashion like exploring an old attic... I wish, with this blog as one of my tools, to get to know the nooks and corners of fashion... Wish me luck...!
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2 Responses to Tragic terror in Norway!

  1. Just heartbreaking…

    • Modelly says:

      Yes, it is… It is however amazing how much support Norway gets from other countries! Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, many of the FN staff, all the nordic countries and sooo many more leaders from countries all over the world have shown theire symphaty, that is a beautiful thing!

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