Morning coffee, and the inspiration for the day

How do you start a day right? That is a question I ask myself often. Well, I figured it couldn`t hurt to start the day with a post thats gonna keep me going all day long… 

I want to feature today`s style-icon, a person who can inspire me for 24 hours, a special picture that represent the feeling I want to have today, and I`ll put in a quote for the day…

So today`s style-icon is:

She is my role model for the day, and for many many other days… The reason for that is that she has quite the same measurments as me and when I get down or just think I cant bear any more shopping trips without finding anything that fits, looks from elderly men that haunt me for thet rest of the day (sometimes week) or girl talks where each size 0-2-4-6 girl sits there and coplains about her body, I can look at pictures of Christina  and read her interviews where she talks about her body and that`ll give me some confidence back… Thank you Christina!

Today`s photo is:

A picture of Adrianna Bude for AigleSS. The picture is so warm and calming, I want to feel warm and happy today…

And finally, Today`s quote is:

“We have to free half of the human race, the women, so that they can help to free the other half”

A quote from british suffaragette Emmeline Pankhurst that I find very amusing, but also very true!

So, I hope you`ll have an Amazing day!

Au revoir!


About Modelly

I`m a sixteen year old girl who loves exploring fashion like exploring an old attic... I wish, with this blog as one of my tools, to get to know the nooks and corners of fashion... Wish me luck...!
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