Naked confrontation

Well, in later years it seems that the fashion industry has gotten some inspiration from the glamour industry, because every time you write a models name on google pictures, some photos of the model in question without clothes come up. I can only say for my self, that I dont really see high fashion in nudity, but hey, that`s just me…

Am I the only one who actually gets a little bit embarassed by those photos? Am I the only one who as quick as possible close the page with the picture of a nude model when one of my family members walks into the room?

Tell me, what do you think about this nudity obsession?

Au revoir!


About Modelly

I`m a sixteen year old girl who loves exploring fashion like exploring an old attic... I wish, with this blog as one of my tools, to get to know the nooks and corners of fashion... Wish me luck...!
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2 Responses to Naked confrontation

  1. clgnaura says:

    Here’s a random thought… If you’re embarrassed of looking at these, or more like being caught looking at naked stuff, why keep those pictures on your blog? Or is it just a way to get more people to read your meaningless crap, since it’s a popular “search”!?!

    Nooo offence, just an observation…

  2. There’s a style difference of just nudity and glam nudity.
    A model is judge by her expressions, by her forms and the way they can get you only with one photo, and there’s no better way of show this than with glam nudity, because is only themselves, without anything distracting.
    And there are so many beautiful pictures of this nowadays, that I already got used to it! hehehe


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