Breasts are “in”!

It is a fact that femininity is set highly in fashion now days, but how feminin is it going to get?

If the answer is: to celebrate the womanly curves, Vogue ect should surely pick some models with BMI over 10…

I am a huge supporter of  “plus size” models, and I think they should be used much more…

Au revoir,



About Modelly

I`m a sixteen year old girl who loves exploring fashion like exploring an old attic... I wish, with this blog as one of my tools, to get to know the nooks and corners of fashion... Wish me luck...!
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One Response to Breasts are “in”!

  1. anwa says:

    I’m all for the return of a more “feminine” shape, but it always irks me that women’s bodies are supposed trendy. Like, WTF? I’m not going to get plastic surgery every other season so that I’ll be in vogue.

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