Aquascutum f/w 2010=true elegance…

The cleanest, classiest, probably most appropriate show this fall, was done by Aquascutum.

The brand was startet in 1851 by John Emary and is owned by Jaeger. The current heads of design are Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler.

This year, the siluette is in focus. Clean lines were shown on piece after piece on the Aquascutum runway. Every piece was warm and practical, with deep coloures like dark blue, black and beige set in a wonderful contast to the shirt classique. Packed with it-models like Karlie Kloss, Freja Beha, Abbey Lee and Anja Rubik, naturally the show was well recieved…

My absolute favorites were the high waist maxi skirts with the crispy white shirts, the simple trench coates and the very bodycovering, long dresses. Combined with the bed-head hair and the makeup a-la naturale,  the look was pure and clean.

I absolutely adored it, and I`m certanly not the only one…!

Au revoir,



About Modelly

I`m a sixteen year old girl who loves exploring fashion like exploring an old attic... I wish, with this blog as one of my tools, to get to know the nooks and corners of fashion... Wish me luck...!
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2 Responses to Aquascutum f/w 2010=true elegance…

  1. agirlastyle says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    I loved Aquascutum too – very classic and chic.

    Miss B xx

  2. AraYorum says:

    This blog is so excellent.Very nice comments.

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